Linux programs

Programs I wrote myself


A single-threaded file server.


A new init for linux.


Small utilities written in assembly.


No, it's not some relic from the middle ages, and no its nothing to do with mailing lists, and no its nothing to do with spam. So what is it? A way to use sendmail with a dialup connection and any number of e-mail addresses, which might have absolutely nothing to do with your domain-name. Click here.


Little gettys please little minds. Here.


Sorry, not a funky mechanical toy, but a way to interface with any USB device from perl. Go here.


read-edid: this marvelous little program has the exciting ability to elicit details from a monitor via DDC using EDID version 1. It outputs a valid XFree86 monitor description, with full modelines for detected modes.

PPP scripts

vii-ppp-scripts manages your connection, your pppd and your phone bill, all with careful logging.


Checks that you're not running any old binaries that still use glibc1. Here it is.


Finds symlinks that point into empty air. Use with caution.

Patches to other programs

Linux power management policy

Kernel patch and userspace helper to activate the offbutton as it were.

readline auto-completion

A patch to readline to save keystrokes


Brings font smoothing to the GNOME desktop! Grab it now.