Little utilities written in assembly language

There are several related pages. See and the asmutils there. I've also written up some documentation about the linux ABI.


I wanted to learn GAS syntax assembly, because everybody seems to hate it so much, and after a protracted upgrade to libc6 I got annoyed with stupid little programs that load big libraries.

Tarball of all programs

Contains all program sources and autoconf build system. Download.

When I say all, of course, at the moment there is only one. Contributions welcome (especially GAS source)!


A program to send IOCTLs to the linux unified CD drive driver, like cdctl, but differently featured (i.e. it's missing all of cdctl's track number/time parsing, but AFAICS supports many more IOCTLs). Do "cdd help" for information on command line syntax. Uses no libc. In GASP source (requiring at least linux 2.3). Last modified: Sat Oct 21 22:10:38 BST 2000