\documentclass{article} \title{Revised annual report of the Trinity Houmous and Inventive and Creative Kitchen Organization for the year 2001} \author{Mr Thomas K{\"o}ppe and Mr John Fremlin} \date{2002-11-18} \begin{document} \maketitle \tableofcontents \section{Report} The Trinity Houmous and Inventive and Creative Kitchen Organization celebrates a very successful past year, and proposes to broaden membership this year. Reports of the activities of the society are available at \texttt{http://john.fremlin.de/thicko} This year the society proposes to host a squash and a garden party to attract new members, as well as the regular society events. \section{Budget} Due to the extreme youth of the society, which has been active for only one year and unofficially at that, we do not anticipate that a large number of people will sign up. We have advertised the society to the students of the college through the students' union weekly email and website, and have received interested replies from about ten people. We anticipate that maybe three times this number will turn up to the squash. Our previous houmous making events with only a handful of people (about three) came to about \pounds 10. Scaling upwards to about thirty people, we would need at least \pounds 100 for the houmous squash, presuming we would not be serving drinks or being charged for the room (which would be free for us as a Trinity society if in college). The WPR would be suitable as we do not need cooking appliances to make houmous. So far the society has organised one main event per term. We should like to continue doing this and possibly increase the frequency later, but so far we plan the houmous squash for the end of Michaelmas, a falafel session in Lent, and a garden party in Easter with unspecified dish. Proper falafel, which is considerably more expensive than houmous and requires cooking facilities. As fewer people will attend than at the squash, it should be possible to do this for under \pounds 30, and to hold it in a spacious gyp room. The garden party will be the other important event, with approximately the same number of people turning up as for the squash. We should like to decide the dish for the garden party later, but certainly a small amount of houmous will feature, and we shall probably charge a small fee in order to recoup the cost of providing beverages, so we estimate that it will probably cost about as much as the squash. To publicise these events we shall advertise them in the Students' Union Weekly Update, and produce posters, 5 per event, which should cost 75p, which is too insignificant to feature on the budget. \begin{tabular}{lr} Item & Cost \\ Regular termly events & \pounds 30 \\ Squash & \pounds 100 \\ Garden Party & \pounds 100 \\ Total & \pounds 230 \end{tabular} \end{document}