619. Willie and Helen

Hew Ainslie. 1792-1878

'WHAREFORE sou'd ye talk o' love,
  Unless it be to pain us?
Wharefore sou'd ye talk o' love
  Whan ye say the sea maun twain us?'

'It 's no because my love is light,
  Nor for your angry deddy;
It 's a' to buy ye pearlins bright,
  An' to busk ye like a leddy.'

'O Willy, I can caird an' spin,
  Se ne'er can want for cleedin';
An' gin I hae my Willy's heart,
  I hae a' the pearls I'm heedin'.

'Will it be time to praise this cheek
  Whan years an' tears has blench'd it?
Will it be time to talk o' love
  Whan cauld an' care has quench'd it?'

He's laid ae han' about her waist--
  The ither 's held to heaven;
An' his luik was like the luik o' man
  Wha's heart in twa is riven.

The Oxford Book of English Verse, HTML edition