If your browser doesn't support my JavaScript you can't have a poem randomly selected for you and the Next, Previous and Go to poem buttons won't work in the JavaScript interface. If you are in the JavaScript interface, with a frame on the right, It is possible that you have a JavaScript enabled browser but the poem that will replace this page is taking a while to load.

This is the non-JavaScript interface to the Project Gutenberg Book of English Verse, which is another name for the Oxford Book of English Verse. There is a proper explanation.

There are 883 poems in the anthology, numbered (surprisingly enough) from 1 to 883. You can read each one by browsing the page named pgbev-X.html where X is the number of the poem; for example, poem number 514 is pgbev-514.html.

Here is a short list of the last ten poems. There is a long complete list.