How to signup to under linux is an ISP in the UK that offers free internet phone calls. When you sign up, you're asked for a few numbers which are printed on the CDs they give out, so I guess you have to signup for one - if you haven't already go here.

Once you've the CD go to and type in the details there - simple, huh?

Should this not work

The installation CD has an ISO 9660 formatted section for Microsoft Windows and a HFS formatted section for Macintosh based systems. If you compiled in kernel HFS support, you can mount that in linux with

# mount -t hfs /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom

There are several text files, whence you can get useful URLs, so if they change the one I found on my CD, you may be able to muddle through. (Why have a name like candy? Perhaps they have a different one for different regions or something.)


You might like to try my scripts to automate ISP dialup (DNS servers handling, etc.) but your distribution probably comes with some integrated graphical package which you might find easier to use.

ntlworld provide DNS information and server names here.